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Photograph of the teachers and the group of internsIn the Simulation Room of the IPS CES Sabaneta, the event of Magnification and Tissue Regeneration guided in endodontics was carried out, with a group of 12 residents and postgraduate teachers of Endodontics of the Faculty of Dentistry of the CES University, the past April 10th.

The objective of this academic event was focused on motivating the use of the microscope in the areas of micro endodontics and micro surgery, the performance of bone grafts and the application of collagen membranes.

The use of the microscope for endodontic treatments has taken on a great boom in recent years due to the advantages to increase therapeutic success, because it is a tool that provides the professional with a clear view of the operative field, taking into account that the teeth they have variations in their anatomy. The latest clinical reports indicate that by 2024 endodontists will have the microscope as a fundamental part of their work tools.

Photograph of the tissue magnification and regeneration exercise

The professor of the Postgraduate Endodontics program at the CES University School of Dentistry, Rafael Fernández Grisales, assured “the use of the microscope will help in the ergonomic part of the dentist because they will have a more comfortable posture when working and access easily to all areas of the mouth (…) It also allows procedures to be worked in a more controlled way, achieving less trauma and a calmer postoperative period for the patient, and obtaining a successful treatment result ”.

It had the support of the CES University School of Dentistry, the Micro Vision company, which provided 8 dental microscopes, and the Botis commercial house, which provided the regeneration materials. As teachers were Dr. Alejandro Jaramillo and Dr. Rafael Fernández, endodontists from the CES University, and Dr. Laura Salazar, periodontist from the Javeriana University of Bogotá.

Due to the great reception that the event had, they will program a new clinical table open to the external public of the University, for the second semester of 2019.

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