Requirements to apply

  • Be a university graduate from any of its undergraduate or graduate programs
  • Have stood out nationally or internationally for their human qualities, leadership, professional work and commitment.

Who can apply for graduates?

As of 2019, applications will be made directly by each Faculty.


  • In no case, will it be understood that the application implies that the candidate (s) will be awarded the CES exemplary graduate recognition.

The applications will be received and will be analyzed by an evaluation committee, which with the information provided in the applications, will choose the winners in each of the categories. This committee is made up of:

  1. Rector
  2. Director of Research and Innovation.
  3. Representative of graduates to the Superior Council.
  4. Head of the Office of Global Affairs.
  5. Head of sustainability and social projection.
  6. Coordinator of the Graduate Office.
  7. Head of Institutional Wellbeing and Human Development.
  8. Representatives of the Alumni Committee.
  9. Representatives of the Alumni Committee.