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Luis Ernesto López Rojas, director of the Colombian Institute of Tropical Medicine (ICMT) has been part of the CES University since 2002, when he became a professor of the Biomedical Engineering and Psychology undergraduate degrees.

Later, he participated in the creation of the Biology program which he directed from its opening in 2006 until 2015, when he went on to work as director of the ICMT.

He decided to study Biology due to the influence of the professors of his school, who motivated him to lean towards this discipline. But, in addition, he always had a great passion for music, which is now one of his favorite hobbies.

In his spare time he studies for his doctorate in Biotechnology, likes movies, attends concerts, listens and watches music videos, especially of the rock genre where he highlights groups like Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath.

He considers that one of the great contributions that CES University has made has been its participation in the creation of the biotechnology laboratory and programs such as Biology, Ecology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and the Master in Biological Sciences.


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