About us?

Our area is a set of processes articulated between all areas of the institution, with which we promote and coordinate programs and actions that address people in their integral dimension.

In the Institutional Wellbeing office we work for a healthy work environment that allows the development of the institution's human talent in search of competent, productive and satisfied collaborators; and students fully trained through processes related to: physical activity, sports, recreation, human training, university social promotion, artistic and cultural development and the promotion of healthy lifestyles, impacting the university community and your families.

All these processes contribute to enhancing human capacities, manifested in the institutional educational project, generating dynamics of relationship, coexistence and a sense of belonging among the members of the university community.


• Law 30 of 1992, articles 117, 118, 119 and its regulatory decree: the agreement March 3, 21, 1995 issued by the National Council of Higher Education –CESU–.
• CES Welfare Regulation - Agreement No. 0262 of August 2018 of the Superior Council.
• Internal regulations.