Own practice centers

CES Clinic

Our clinic is the main practice center for our health programs. It is an institution that provides services of high human, ethical and scientific quality of a high level of complexity, where teaching and service are articulated to provide health care to the entire community and allows our students to develop the necessary skills to train as professionals in these areas.

There you can make rotations in:
· Elective and urgent surgery
· Consultation in general and specialized medicine
· Adult hospitalization
· Clinical and pathology laboratory
· Radiology and diagnostic imaging
· Intensive Care Unit adults
· Adult Intermediate Care Unit
· Cardiology Unit

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· Cardiología no invasiva. Sede Centro Comercial San Diego
· Urgencias
· Clínica de heridas
· Clínica del dolor
· Urgencias odontológicas
· Enfermería en todas las áreas
· Servicio de Nutrición
· Servicio de Fisioterapia
· Servicio de Psicología
· Servicio de Farmacia

Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Center - CVZ -

We have a modern service center in Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics, which began activities in 2003, is conceived as a support unit for comprehensive teaching and care activities for the veterinary and agricultural sector.

There, you can find various spaces and areas to carry out your academic practices such as vaccination room, classrooms, operating rooms for small and large animals and experimental surgery, X-ray room and ultrasound. The clinics are equipped with technology that allows optimal visualization of the different procedures, facilitating diagnosis, student learning and teaching.

• Servicio para pequeñas especies (caninos y felinos)
• Servicios para grandes especies (equinos y bovinos)
• Ayudas diagnósticas
• Asesorías agropecuarias
• Almacén agropecuario
• Laboratorio clínico
• Operadores de proyectos para la comunidad

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IPS CES Sabaneta

In our IPS, students can carry out training practices in different areas of knowledge such as:
Biomedical engineering.

We have ample spaces that allow adequate care for patients and the community in general, supported by teachers of high academic, ethical and human quality who accompany the training of our students at IPS.

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Colombian Institute of Tropical Medicine - ICMT

The Colombian Institute of Tropical Medicine "Antonio Roldán Betancurt" ICMT-CES is a center of excellence in research, not for profit, qualified by COLCIENCIAS with the highest exaltation granted by said body: Group A1 "Institution of Excellence in Research".

In this space, our students can develop scientific research and participate in the provision of services, consulting and advice in the Colombian and Latin American health sector.

It is located on the premises of CES Sabaneta headquarters and has another headquarters located in Apartado – Antioquia.

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Center for Pharmaceutical Science and Research - CECIF

It is a Colombian Technological Research and Development Center founded in 1997 and governed by "Colciencias". CECIF does basic and applied research, experimental development, and prototyping.

CECIF has 3 lines of research: Pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics.
It has a pilot plant with the entire technological platform for the production of prototypes of products in different forms: solid, semi-solid, liquid and powder.

It has its quality management system certified and also has certification from the Colombian Agricultural Institute "ICA" for product development and stability studies of veterinary drugs and from the Sectional Secretary of Health and Social Protection of Antioquia and INVIMA for physicochemical analysis.

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Practice centers in agreement

We have a significant number of practice centers in all areas of knowledge, which support the development of the necessary skills for the training of excellent professionals.

In our practice centers there are professors from our University who carry out constant accompaniment to the students.

These are our main practice centers:

• General Hospital of Medellín
• Hospital San Vicente Foundation
• Manuel Uribe Ángel Hospital
• Santa Ana Hospital
• Cardiovid Clinic
• Metrosalud

• Las Americas Clinic
• Fundación Clínica Del Norte
• Medellín Clinic
• Las Vegas Clinic
• Neurological Institute of Colombia
• Pablo Tobón Uribe Hospital

Meet other practice centers

Medical Art
Open Classroom
Bioforma SA
Caipd- Club for the Elderly- Municipality of Sabaneta
House of the Good God
Cedimed SA
Somer Cardiovascular Center
Cenpi Neuropediatric Care Center
Hospital San Vicente Foundation - Rionegro
Orthopedics and Traumatology Center
Imbanaco Medical Center
Cardiovid Clinic
Medellín Fracture Clinic
Sandiego Ophthalmology Clinic
North Clinic
Prado Clinic
El Rosario Clinic
Las Americas Clinic
Las Vegas Clinic
Medellin Clinic
Noel Clinic
Orlant Clinic
Pan American Clinic
Sacred Heart Psychiatric Clinic
San Juan de Dios de la Ceja Clinic
Somer Clinic
Clinical Life
Rehabilitation Committee
Ban Cornea Corporation
Corporation for Biological Research Cib
Envigado Fire Department
Sabaneta Fire Department
Volunteer Fire Department of Bogotá
Medellín Volunteer Fire Department
Department of Radiology SA
Dynamic Ips

Emi Bogotá
Emi Medellin
Neurological Scanography
That Hospital San Juan de Dios Marinilla
That Antonio Roldán Betancur Hospital. La Pintada
That Departmental Hospital Santa Sofia
That Hospital Francisco Eladio Barrera de Donmatias
That Hospital Gabriel Peláez Montoya de Jardín
That Hospital Presbítero Alonso María Giraldo San Rafael
That Hospital San Fernando de Amaga
That Hospital San José de Salgar
That Hospital San Juan de Dios de Santuario
That Hospital San Juan de Dios de Támesis
That San Juan de Dios Hospital in Titiribí
That Hospital San Juan de Dios Santa Rosa
That Hospital San Pablo de Tarso
That Hospital San Rafael de Andes
That San Rafael de Itagüí Hospital
That Hospital San Rafael de Jericó
That San Rafael Hospital in Venice
That San Rafael de Yolombó Hospital
That Hospital San Vicente de Paul Barbosa
That Hospital San Vicente de Paul Caldas Ant
That Hospital Santa Isabel de San Pedro de los Milagros
That Hospital Santa Lucia de Fredonia
That Hospital Santa Maria de Santa Bárbara
Ada Foundation
Kangaroo Foundation
Cardioinfantil Foundation
Colombian Foundation of Cancerology Cl
Fan Childhood Care Foundation
Integrate Foundation
Lupines Foundation
Mahavir Camina Foundation
Santa Fe Foundation of Bogotá
Lili Valley Foundation
Gym Ips Ces Poblado
Family Group
Habitat Condominium
Home of the Underdog
Nazareth Home, Dominican Sisters
Hi Dr
San José University Children's Hospital
Medellín Council Hospital
Hospital La Merced Ciudad Bolivar
Hospital Maria Antonia Toro de Elejalde De Frontino

Mental Hospital of Antioquia Homo
Hospital San Juan de Dios Rionegro
Indec (Caldas)
In the
Inder of the Star
Insert Sas
Inst Cardiovascular Sta Maria del Rosario
Institute of High Medical Technology (Iatm)
Instituto de Cancerología Ltda (Clínica Las Américas)
Los Alamos Training Institute
National Cancer Institute
National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences
Roosevelt Institute
University Ips
La Font
Lapaci laboratory
Rodrigo Restrepo Pathology and Cytology Laboratory
Vascular Laboratory Luis Felipe Gómez Isaza
The magpie
Antiochian League of Hemophiliacs
Swimming League
Diagnostic link
Fetal Medicine
Oral Laser
Santa Lucia Organization
Operating Rooms El Tesoro
Secretary of Health of Caldas (Antioquia)
Secretary of Health of Medellín
Antioqueña Soma Medical Society


Ximena Rico Foundation
Human Development Ces
National Athletic
The stay
Jaime Isaza Cadavid Polytechnic
Manzanares College

Pinares School
Office of the Attorney General of the Nation
Carla Cristina Foundation
Neurosciences Group
Casa De La Chinca Foundation

Explore Park Corporation
Farming Bajo Grande
Bayer SA
Solla SA
Alimentos Finca SA
Meat and Food SAS
Contegral SA
Embriones de Sinú SA
Industrial Genetics SAS
Miró Seguridad LTDA
Poultry Operator SAS
Sociedad Central Ganadera SA
Medellín Public Improvement Society
Food Meat SAS
Italcol de Occidente SA

Porcigenes SA
Caninos y Felinos SA
Antioqueña de Incubation SAS
Antioquia Science and Technology Center Corporation
Inversiones Soga SA
Prémex SA
Agroindustrias Los Robles SA
Society Theme Park of Flora and Fauna of Pereira SAS
PIC Colombia SA
Colombian Polytechnic Jaime Isaza Cadavid
Biotechnology and Comprehensive Livestock Assistance SAS

Our Lady of the Forsaken Foundation
Agroganadera de la costa HEFU Limited partnership by shares AGROHEFU SCA
Paulandia SAS
Porcicultores APA SAS
ALIAR Farming
Equine Wellbeing
Santander incubator
Veterinary San Lucas
Eastern poultry

These are some of the Universities with which we have an inter-institutional agreement:

University Foundation of Health Sciences FUCS
Pontifical Javeriana University
Autonomous university of Bucaramanga
University College of Our Lady of the Rosary
University of Antioquia
Caldas University
University of Applied and Environmental Sciences UDCA
University of Medellin
University of San Buenaventura Medellín
University of the North of Barranquilla

Valley University
EAFIT University
ICESI University
Marian University (San Juan de Pasto)
Militar University of New Granada
National university of Colombia
Pontifical Bolivarian University
San Buenaventura University
Santo Tomas Sectional University Bucaramanga
Technological University of Pereira