About us

CESNUTRAL is the Center for Advanced Studies in Nutrition and Food of the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences of the CES University. Its mission, the generation, transformation, application, integration and communication of knowledge in the sciences of nutrition and food, for, from innovation processes, research, teaching and social projection to give a local response to national and international challenges aimed at positively impacting the food and nutritional situation of people and communities.

Nutritional and food innovation, research and intervention ... a commitment to excellence

To fulfill its purpose, CESNUTRAL incorporates in each of its processes an integral, integrative and interdisciplinary perspective, which allows a better understanding of food and nutritional problems and with it, deliver answers in innovation, research and intervention for the public and private, academia, industry, communities and society that demands it.

In this way, CESNUTRAL has the installed capacity and the human team to:

• The planning, monitoring and evaluation of the diet of the healthy person or group of people or with alterations in their state of health, taking into account the physiological needs (or pathological if it is the case), personal, socioeconomic, religious and cultural preferences .

• The planning, management, evaluation and / or execution of population and community processes for disease prevention and health promotion.

• The design, execution and monitoring of product innovation processes and social marketing related to food and the promotion of healthy eating and lifestyles.

• The management of new products aimed at food and nutritional supplementation and complementation processes.

• The management and organization of community or institutional food services and the monitoring and surveillance processes for the quality and health of food throughout the production process.

• The formulation, management, execution and / or evaluation of research and innovation processes in the field of food and nutrition.

• Counseling and consulting in social and community intervention processes in nutrition and food.

• The design, development and evaluation of education, training or updating processes in nutrition and food for health or food science professionals, producers, consumers, health promoters, industrialists, and food handlers, among others. .

All this, organized into four areas of action, methodically articulated to achieve comprehensive, integrative and interdisciplinary processes in nutrition and food: