There are two immutable laws, life and death, that in some way behave as dissimilar concepts and that when opposing each other invalidate each other, being recognized as antinomies. The history of art has been responsible for representing each of these realities, but what has not been documented is the exact moment that separates them, in fact, one complements or fades into the other.

Visual studies have been the ones who, through photographic strategies such as "time-lapse", have allowed to exhibit those periods of time where these two natural realities converge, conceived from the philosophy of Zenón de Elea and Immanuel Kant as antinomies and on which, in the field of art, painters such as Wassilly Kandisnky in his workOf the spiritual in art,They have exhibited their position, in particular in the face of concepts such as cold and heat and light and dark.

In the artistic proposalAntinomiasby Carlos Tobón, a diptych of still lifes that represents "the here and now", life and death and, in the middle of them, a "time-lapse", allows to reveal that inevitable process that unites them and that is only determined by time. Consequently, Carlos Tobón, through digital photography, brings us closer to those unpublished realities that enrich contemporary art.

José E. Palacio V.