We support students with economic difficulties and with excellent human and academic qualities (enrollment, maintenance, academic mobility, languages and photocopies).

Achievements 2020

Scholarship students

students (1,045 in the first semester and 974 in the second semester).

Students Benefited from the CES Solidarity Fund

686 students benefited from the CES Solidarity Fund (apart from the scholarship population).
The investment was $ 836,446,320.


1,923 discounts were granted for an amount of $ 6,393,620,421.

Achievements 2019

Benefited from
Ties program

5,762 students


1,105 students.
With an investment from CES University for scholarships of $ 2,388,675,142 COP

Supports delivered

$ 1,149,838,021 COP
These supports include tuition, food subsidies, transportation, second language, academic mobility, meals and materials for 1158 beneficiaries.

Collections from
CES Solidarity Fund (FSC)

$ 460,511,312 COP

Collections through
of alliances for Becas Ser

$ 189,836,233 COP