of knowledge

We offer a vision that articulates formative research with entrepreneurship and innovation.

Stimulus to
the creativity

We continuously support creativity and innovative ideas, with high-level human talent and venture capital.


We develop research and innovation from an ethical exercise and scientific and academic integrity.

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Groups and seedbeds

Research groups are the set of people who interact based on their knowledge and experience to investigate.


At Editorial CES we lead the intellectual production and editorial processes of the CES University.

of Ethics

They are academic bodies, independent, unrelated to the political, organizational or commercial influence of third parties.

Research groups are the set of people who interact based on their knowledge and experience to investigate. They also generate knowledge products in one or more thematic lines, aimed at solving theoretical or real-life problems.

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The research, innovation or entrepreneurship hotbeds are groups made up of at least one undergraduate student under the mentorship of an active research teacher in a research group at the University.

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In order to disseminate and make visible titles related to the academic and research work of the different dependencies of the institution and of other groups or people committed to said development.

We are in charge of safeguarding and ensuring respect, freedom, autonomy, dignity and privacy of the research subjects.

Also, they are called to ensure compliance with the laws. For example, the Human Ethics Committee, the Institutional Committee for the Care and Use of Animals (CICUA) and the Biodiversity Ethics Committee.
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of business

Known as Spin-Off and Startup, our knowledge-based companies are business units.

of knowledge

The protection of knowledge and assets derived from it is important for companies, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Innovation and

We generate innovation and entrepreneurship in the university community through the transfer of knowledge.

They are generated as a result of the processes of research, innovation, technological development and the entrepreneurship of students, teachers, employees and researchers of the University.

With them we seek to create an impact and social improvement through innovative products and services that respond to the demands and needs of the environment.

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Intellectual property is present in everything that surrounds us: services, products, academic production, etc. For this reason, it is important to determine how to protect the knowledge that is developed in the University through the different protection systems: copyright or industrial property.

Any research, innovation or entrepreneurial project generates results that can be protected through intellectual property, so the role of this agency in the University is fundamental.

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We support the creation of technology-based companies and the development of new businesses.

The processes associated with innovation and entrepreneurship arise from missionary activities of the University that contribute to the institutional growth and economic, social, political and cultural development of the region and the country.

Investigations that impact

How to access research and innovation funds?

Members of the university community who wish to access the funds must be endorsed by their respective faculty or program, undergraduate or graduate, and comply with the terms of reference, amount and type of project to be presented.More information

How to submit a publication to the Editorial Committee?

Authors interested in submitting their works for possible publication with the CES Editorial Seal, must present them, depending on their type, in the guide designed for this purpose.More information

How to submit inquiries and requests to ethics committees?

This requires direct contact with the managers and participants of each committee.More information

How to request contracted research?

We have different areas and interest groups, which provide different services through research groups.More information