Movement and Health research group

Colciencias classification: C

Faculty of Physiotherapy

Research group leader
Diana Isabel Muñoz Rodríguez
Curriculum vitae


Contribute to research training and generate scientific knowledge that contributes to the advancement of science and evidence-based physiotherapeutic work from its different areas of performance and fields of action.

Explain and understand the processes associated with human functioning and inclusion with and for persons with disabilities and other actors

Reflect on the training in physiotherapy and the impact of the programs and graduates of the Faculty of Physiotherapy in the environment for the generation of innovative curricular proposals that contribute to the development of the profession

Lines of investigation

  • Evaluation and Intervention in Human Body Movement: Leader Andry Yasmid Mera Mamián
  • Training and impact in Physiotherapy: Leader Verónica Tamayo Montoya
  • Functioning, Disability and Inclusion: Leader Alejandra Lopera Escobar