About us?

We are an evaluation and measurement center attached to the Faculty of Psychology of the CES university oriented to research, development of instruments and provision of services related to measurement and evaluation, applied in fields such as education, organizations and society, among others.

CESMIDE has a team of specialized professionals capable of developing, adapting, validating and applying high quality measurement instruments, in accordance with technical standards and national and international ethical norms. It offers specialized solutions to needs and problems in the field of measurement and evaluation, related to selection processes, profile evaluation and development of competencies, workloads and psychosocial factors in organizational environments; design of skills evaluation tools and vocational guidance in the academic field, as well as development or adjustment of evaluation methodologies, social perception, public opinion and impact evaluations of psychosocial interventions at the population level.

Value proposal

Through our different actions and work areas, at CESMIDE we seek to contribute to the development of knowledge about measurement and evaluation, and its application in different areas, such as the design and implementation of public policies, the improvement of social behavior, and the generation of better interpersonal environments and clinical solutions, among others.

Organizational line services

• Evaluation of Psychosocial Factors
• Implementation of epidemiological surveillance systems for psychosocial risk
• Evaluation and intervention of Organizational Climate
• Measurement of leadership practices
• Organizational change management
• Training in communication, leadership, teamwork and other non-technical skills
• Performance evaluation by competencies.
• Technical studies for the modernization of personnel plants: measurement of workloads, structuring of function manuals and leveling of salary scales
• Construction and / or application of personnel selection tests, assessment centers and interviews for competencies adjusted to the needs

Educational line services

• Soft skills development and strengthening programs

• Training for teachers in the construction of evaluations by competencies

Contact us

Address: Calle 10 A # 22 - 04, building C first floor and building A third floor.

E-mail: cesmide@ces.edu.co

Phone: (57) 604 444 05 55 Ext 1575 – 1109

Hours of operation: Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.