Prehospital Simulation

Designed for the development of prehospital clinical skills in undergraduate and graduate students within an environment that allows the assembly of different scenarios, depending on the need.

We have an ambulance simulator (real ambulance, placed on a mobile platform); The vehicle can be equipped as a basic or medical ambulance depending on the type of practice to be carried out.

The space has capacity for 15 students and has all the tools that are required in the pre-hospital area for patient care, such as: stretchers, first-aid kits, immobilizers, monitors, mechanical ventilators, among others. In addition to traumatic and non-traumatic patient simulators, which allow the assembly of multiple work scenarios.

The laboratory is available to the careers of: Medicine, Physiotherapy, Nursing, and Technology in Prehospital Care. And also in the postgraduate courses of: Anesthesiology, Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics and in extension activities of Public Health and the CEMPAS (Center for Medical and Paramedical Training with Simulators).