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Photo New CES Specialization in Leadership and Organizational Skills

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With the need to train leaders and top management executives in SER skills, the Specialization in Leadership and Organizational Skills of the CES University of Medellín was born.

The purpose of the new postgraduate course at the Faculty of Administrative and Economic Sciences of the institution is to train professionals with the management style Leader Coach, capable of directing transformational processes in organizations that contribute to the improvement of people, through tools such as change management, coaching as an innovative process and language skills.

The specialization arose from the need to train leaders with SER competencies and abilities; Coach leaders who humanize organizations. In addition, because few offers were found in the national market at the graduate level in leadership that had this approach.

"We seek through the training of human beings with skills and attitudes for reflection, learning and transformation applicable to personal and organizational life that contribute to the well-being of dynamic and sustainable organizations, " said Oscar Berrío Díaz, dean of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics from the CES University.

The specialist in Leadership and Organizational Skills will be able to design, organize, plan and manage the organizational strategy applying methods of the training process or Coaching executiveExecutive Coaching); diagnose problems and define conflict resolution strategies that open possibilities for organizational, group and personal growth, among others.

“The Specialization in Leadership and Organizational Skills is a new national market, it is a novel and unique proposal in the country. In Colombia to date, there are only 4 specializations in leadership, none with an emphasis on skills of being, which is the differentiating factor of specialization ”, added Diana Londoño Pulgarín, head of Postgraduate Programs at the Faculty.

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