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Four postgraduate courses from the CES University, one master's degree and three specializations, received the renewal of the qualified registry by the Ministry of National Education.

The Ministry of National Education granted the renewal of the qualified registry for a term of 7 years for the Specialization in Clinical Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, Specialization in Periodontology and Specialization in Social Security Management. The same period of duration of this, will apply for the Master in Small Species Veterinary Medicine.

In 2021 some changes are coming for students who are new to the postgraduate courses at CES University. The Specialization in Clinical Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics went from 114 to 108 credits, where the Curriculum Committee determined to provide a balance to students between individual work hours and face-to-face work hours.

The Specialization in Periodontology also presented changes in its curriculum that goes from 95 to 74 credits in face-to-face subjects. Likewise, the Specialization in Social Security Management reduced its academic credits from 31 to 22, to achieve unification and disciplinarity in its curriculum.

The Master of Veterinary Medicine

a Small Species does not have changes in the total number of credits, but internally in its curriculum. In addition, it expands the number of seats to 16 students for each cohort with semester admissions.

The qualified registry is a certificate that is granted to the undergraduate and graduate careers by the Ministry of National Education, to ensure and verify the quality conditions of the academic programs of higher education.

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