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CES student was crowned local chess champion in Ascun tournament!


The student of the Master's Degree in Neurodevelopment and Learning of the CES University, Henry Panesso Rivera, was crowned champion of the local chess tournament male category in the Metropolitan University Games Inder-Ascun in which 50 players participated.

In the Inder-Ascun Metropolitan University Games held from November 4 to 6, 2021, Henry Panesso Rivera, student of the Master's Degree in Neurodevelopment and Learning at CES University was crowned as champion in the men's branch of the chess tournament, after facing 6 of 50 opponents at EIA University at the Envigado headquarters.

"Being a champion was very enriching because there were even participants and my teammates from the Colombia Chess Team. It was exciting and significant to be able to represent CES University in this important event,"said Henry Panesso Rivera, after being crowned champion.

Panesso Rivera is 33 years old, is an International Master (IM) of Chess, the second most important chess degree worldwide after Grandmaster (GM), has a degree in Physical Education and a technologist in Sports Training. He has been practicing chess for 18 years and has been guided in this sport by masters such as Jaime Cuartas Medina, David Arenas Vanegas and Carlo Vittorino.

For approximately 18 years this future master is played between checkmate, double direct attack, or Scandinavian defense to overcome their rivals. He currently works with the Institute of Sports and Recreation of Medellín (Inder) with amateur teams of minors and with the Antioquia Chess Team senior category.

"Chess is everything to me. It has taught me habits, and, in addition, it has brought me closer to many people. I have deep admiration for my athletes, those who have difficulty training this sport and make an effort to make this possible,"said Panesso Rivera.

Henry Panesso likes to read and learn about the topics he is passionate about, which are closely related to his studies, in addition, he inquires about what interests him in order to have conversations with truthful and scientific arguments. She is also passionate about playing sports, traveling both to competitions and for pleasure and going out with friends and her partner. He hopes to continue participating in these types of championships and motivate other players to do so.

The Inder-Ascun Metropolitan University Games promote sports and recreation activities for higher education students in Medellín with participation in tournaments and sports stops.

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