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puppy sheltered in a blanket

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Committed to the welfare of animals, veterinarians and zootechnicians from the CES University of Medellín warn about the risk to which some species are exposed, due to the indiscriminate use of gunpowder, during the end and beginning of the year.

From CES University, professionals in veterinary medicine and zootechnics are committed to caring for animals. Therefore, we reject all types of illegal activity that may affect the well-being and health of these living beings.

According to the veterinary doctor and zootechnician of the CES University, Sara Sierra González, domestic animals and wildlife could suffer from excessive fear and curiosity during the explosion of pyrotechnic material, this would even lead to sudden death, mainly in birds and hatchlings.

In order to avoid the alteration and impact on the health of the fauna in the event of a gunpowder explosion during the days of December, the CES professionals recommend:

Expose them to classical and nature music to reassure them.
Give flower essences in the drinker as sensitization therapy.
Avoid covering pets so as not to cause them more fear and anxiety.
Try to block access to windows and doors to reduce the chances of escape.
Guarantee the animal a refuge space so that the moment of anxiety and fear passes.

In cases in which the animal is affected by an injury with pyrotechnic material, the doctor recommended moistening a towel, wrapping the pet and taking it immediately to an emergency veterinary service such as the Veterinary and Zootechnical Center of the University located in the El Escobero hill in Envigado.

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