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The Institutional Yo Soy CES campaign was created by the Organizational Communication team of the CES University, with the objective that the collaborators have a great sense of belonging to the Alma Mater, and remind them that they are part of the achievements, dreams and purposes of the institution.

“We are getting bigger and bigger and more people are part of this. Yo Soy CES is a dream campaign, we focus on what individual dreams are and what are the dreams that the University has and remember that we are all part of that dream, ” said Sara Rúa Betancur, Senior Publicist.

This campaign seeks that the collaborators take ownership of the different policies and guidelines of the University, the values and the commitment to excellence in order to reach the goals of the headquarters: IPS Sabaneta, Veterinary and Zootechnical Center, Warehouse and CES Clinic.

“For us it is very pertinent that from the purposes that our collaborators are considering, they can start with force the new strategic plan and the new institutional campaign, and thus observe how workers can contribute to the CES University from their particular purposes and enhancing their particular skills. with the Yo Soy CES campaign ” , concluded Adriana Lucia Rave Herrera, Human Development leader of Institutional Wellbeing and Human Development.


I am CES campaign banner

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