Authorization for data processing by CES University

CES University informs you that your personal data will be stored in our databases and processed to maintain permanent and effective communication with you about the activities of the university or in which it participates directly or indirectly. You can verify specific purposes in article 8 of the CES University Information Processing Policy. You can check our policy by visiting the website If you want to know, correct, update, rectify or delete the data that you have provided us, or revoke this authorization, you can review article 15 of the Policy and know the detailed procedure, or if you prefer write us an email to habeasdata @ indicating your request, or contact us at (57 4) 444 05 55 extension 1665. Knowing the above, I express my express, prior and voluntary authorization for the processing of my data by the CES University.

Below you will find the documents related to the General Regime for the protection of personal data and terms of use of technological applications.

Information processing policies

Terms and conditions of use of applications

For any request in relation to the administration of personal data by CES University, send an email

Legal software usage policy

Article 47 of Law 222 of 1995, modified by the first article of Law 603 of 2000, obliges commercial companies, in Colombia, to present Management Reports, issued by administrators, in which they describe the state of compliance of the rules on intellectual property and copyrights, which includes declaring that the software programs have the respective licenses.

These reports must be submitted before March 31 of each current year. It should be noted that the illegal use of software programs is a crime that can lead to prison sentences and fines, in addition to other risks associated with the business.

At CES University we are respectful in complying with the laws, rules and regulations that govern our academic and administrative activity, therefore, it is very important that we take the following into account:

1. No file server or laptop or desktop computer may contain operating systems, databases or applications that are not duly licensed and registered by the Information Technology area of the institution.

2. The use of personal computer equipment to carry out teaching or administrative activities of the CES University is not allowed. If eventually, it is required to use a personal computer, authorization for use must be requested from the Information Technology area, where they will verify the legality of the software to be used.

3. The official electronic means of communication of the institution for its students, teachers and employees is the email @ that the university assigns to each of the above. It is not allowed to use personal emails to exchange information about the CES university with people outside the institution or with any other HEI or public-private entity.

4. The information of the CES University must be safeguarded on the servers. The academic and administrative areas that require to keep electronic information of the institution should direct the request to the institutional email The Information Technologies area of the CES has the appropriate tools to provide this service.

5. It is not allowed to keep any type of CES University information on usb-type mobile devices or external drives or personal cloud storage.

Observing and complying with the laws, rules and regulations that govern our academic and administrative activity is everyone's responsibility.

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