Benefits for your well-being

artistic and cultural

We enhance your skills and artistic talent. We invite you to be part of our courses and workshops in art and culture.

physics and sports

Learn about the alternatives and spaces for sports, recreation and physical activity.

Leadership training
and entrepreneurship

Develop your leadership skills and your entrepreneurship initiatives within the U.

We have spaces for the projection of talents and university representation in meetings, events and festivals, through representative artistic groups, made up of students, employees and teachers.

  • Musical groups
  • Dance groups
  • Theater group
  • Choir

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Enroll in group and individual sports classes, outdoor activities and new trends in physical activity and become part of the representative teams in individual and team sports that participate in different local and national tournaments.

Take advantage of your free time and impact your quality of life, with activities and spaces for sports, recreation and physical activity. Learn more

In university social promotion we offer you training and tools to stand outYface the world and the economy as a transformative leader.

Ask about our Student Sales Regulation Program and CES School of Leaders.
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and scholarships

We offer you different financing alternatives, direct scholarships with the University.

Mental health
and healthy life

Receive psychological and psycho-pedagogical support to face the challenges of university life

Family business

We are the third university in Colombia and the first in Antioquia to be efr.

We have alliances with public and private entities, different forms of payment, among other services for you to be part of the CES University.

Through promotion and prevention strategies framed in mental and physical health, healthy lifestyles and meaningful learning, we seek permanence, healthy coexistence and the generation of a sense of belonging by the institution.

We offer you psychological and psycho-pedagogical counseling, group activities, promotion and prevention campaigns and accompaniment throughout your university life so that you meet your academic goals. Learn more

What is efr?
efr significa empresa familiarmente responsable y a través de este modelo de gestión se busca la conciliación y bienestar de los empleados y estudiantes en nuestra universidad.
Se basa en la flexibilidad, el respeto y el compromiso mutuo.

What does it mean to reconcile?
Equilibrar la vida personal, familiar, laboral y académica. Para esto implementamos acciones y estrategias de bienestar y conciliación que llamamos medidas efr.

Doubts, suggestions or complaints regarding conciliation

You can contact us directly through the email and we will process it in the efr committee. If you do not receive a response, you can communicate directly through the Foundation's channel Morefamily

Take into account the following characteristics:

• Be relevant in the matter of conciliation and referring to the model or measures efr
• Respond to conditions or problems of a collective scope and not strictly personal.
• Have been previously addressed to the efr committee through the previous mail and have not received a response within a reasonable time.

Certificate of excellence A efr
Know the efr measures

Know the testimonies of our collaborators

What is happening in our University?



CES student was crowned local chess champion in Ascun tournament!

The student of the Master's Degree in Neurodevelopment and Learning at CES University, Henry Panesso Rivera, was crowned champion of the local chess tournament.



Juan José Amaya Alviar, medical student who won the Manuel Uribe Angel Award

picture of a people playing chess



Celebrate Thanksgiving Day with the University Language Center

picture of many foods

Services for your well-being

CES University

Get in physical and mental shape at the U gym.

University transportation
and sustainable mobility

Know the bus routes so that you can transport yourself comfortably, economically and quickly.

printing and photocopying

Take your photocopies or print your work quickly with the U card.

At CES University Gymnasium seeksnot promoting healthy lifestyle habits among members of the university community, their families and our neighbors, through physical exercise.

Lends younot sports medical service, nutrition, physiotherapy, group and personalized physical training and directed classes. Learn more

• Offersnot transportation at various times and routes with the safety and well-being of the university community in mind, granting a preferential rate for our students and employees. Learn more

• We have the application Try My Ride to share your vehicle. Download it through Play Store Y App Store. Publish your route, make connections, get on the Sustainability trip and score points

to access 30% and 100% discounts in the parking lot of Building B. If you have any questions, you can go to the Sustainability area- Building A, 4th floor.

We also have electric bike rental. Go to Building B- 4th floor, at the electric bicycle rental point next to the Electrolinera and ask about their monthly plans, day, hours, ticket and promotions.

Through the photocopying and printing centers of the El Poblado campus, students who must comply with the forgiveness of hours provide a service to the university community.

LThe income generated by this service supports the CES Solidarity Fund. Learn more

Civic Card

All in one! IIntegrate the Metro Civic card with the U card.

the lockers

We have spaces for you to store and keep your belongings safe.

and agreements

Enjoy low prices on entertainment for our university community

At the ID office, building C, 1st floor, you can obtain your institutional card as a student, teacher or administrative officer, including the services of the Metro Civic Card.

In addition, in the Office of Institutional Welfare and Human Development, we manage the student profile of the Civic Card for students who meet the necessary requirements to receive the benefits of the Metro System.

Use the lockers system installed at the El Poblado headquarters and contribute to the CES Solidarity Fund with the amount you pay for it every six months.

In the University Store we offer benefits and discounts for the university community in different entertainment products, sports, tourism, clothing, uniforms, academic instruments, among others. Learn more

In Institutional Wellbeing and Human Development performsnot agreements with different companies, for the university community to enjoy benefits and discounts on services and entertainment, sports, real estate, banking, educational products, among others. Learn more

Bottom of
Solidarity CES

We support students to start or continue their higher education process.
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We positively impact the community, providing our own knowledge to promote transformation. Learn more


We are responsible for our impacts and we work every day for the economic growth of society. Learn more

Library and
study spaces

The Fundadores Library supports the teaching, research and extension functions of the CES University. Learn more


Learn about our facilities, benefits and services that we have for you.
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Food and

We have more than 15 cafeterias available to feed our students. Learn more