The university as a source of knowledge must always be a source of pleasure for that simple truth that knowledge delights and excites. Long stays at the university in search of university degrees (in the traditional stages to do so) are sometimes not so festive because of the rigor that all learning of a discipline imposes. That is why nothing better than returning to the university without haste, in search of sensory and intellectual delights and pleasures, but without different pretensions when wanting to have a good time with friends, peers, neighbors, family and new friends.

The university as an academic club open to all, to enjoy the multiple artistic and cultural expressions… this is how we have designed the CES Cultural School that we are presenting here.

We want everyone to be able to find here an offer of possibilities around those expressions that make human beings vibrate with the best products of the species: music, literature, fine arts, philosophy, geopolitics, travel inside and outside the department and the country, crafts, making coffees, breads and other foods, gardening, refreshing observation of birds, other fauna and botanicals, as well as conversations about everything possible and imaginable: conversation about science , theology, astronomy, metaphysics, anthropology and the varied etcetera of everything that occupies our attention on a day-to-day basis.

We want the grandparents, parents, uncles and other relatives of our students to come to talk, share and listen to each other and to interact with our teachers. We want our neighborhood to appropriate the varied activities of all kinds of duration that we are going to offer them with our CES Cultural School.

We will not take assistance, but we will regret the absence of our regular users. We will not do exams of anything, but we will do our best to make those attending the scheduled events feel comfortable and fulfilled. We will not issue degrees or certificates (except to whoever asks for them) but we will take care to ensure that you have a great time at this new enjoyable offering from CES University.

We want you to give yourself opportunities to rejoice, dilettacy, relaxation, intellectual relaxation in the midst of the serene delight that is generated when participating in spaces whose aim is to make you have a good time around multiple academic knowledge devoid of the traditional bombast of the academy.

We seek that you give yourself opportunities to meet for the enjoyment of skills and knowledge throughout life to create joyful and fun lifestyles among peers and teachers.