Libe de Zulategi - Life, art and mastery.

The history of universal art has highlighted characters such as Leonardo, Rafael, Titian and Cezánne and locally figures such as Pedro Nel Gómez and Débora Arango, both for their artistic production and for their great teaching capacity, which included both awareness of beauty and greater knowledge and technical development for the realization of the works, activity that consequently allowed them to be recognized as teachers (from Latin Master: said of a person or a work, which has relevant merit among those of its kind).

The CES University exalts the artistic work of Libe de Zulategui and his teaching work for many years. In fact, Libe exhibits in each of his productions great technical and conceptual mastery, as shown particularly in works such as Daddy (daddy) and in the Burgos trial, which give an account of how "Art is a concept", as Simón Marchan Fiz refers to it, in other words, how an idea is materialized with skill and skill, a task that she has developed for many years and that has allowed her to transcend as an artist and teacher for several generations.

Jose Palacio