A place for the pleasure of the spirit

The University, the academic space par excellence, where one grows from knowledge, somehow refers to the “universe of knowledge” and constellations among which art is levitated, like that human instrument that invites the pleasure of the senses. Actually, ancestral places like the Altamira and Lascaux caves, the classic and impressive museum galleries like the Metropolitan in New York or the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg, and the most recent contemporary museum built in Paris, that of the Louis Vuitton Foundation, they become authentic cult temples, where objects and images cease to be decorative instruments and become works of art because they embody a poetic materialized thanks to the mental and technical skill of the artists.

The CES University in its process of expansion and excellence, opens the doors of the CES Medina Museum, as that place that invites the pleasure of the spirit, to new ways of approaching knowledge through exhibitions in modalities that include painting, sculpture, work graphics, installations, videos and performances. These artistic proposals will enrich, from a humanistic perspective, the university community.

It is important to highlight that the inauguration of this museum enclosure happens thanks to the donation of the collection of the works of the Medina family, as "that form of memory that refers to the praxis", as Walter Benjamin pointed out and that in the end, becomes the leitmotif of this space. The Medina collection is made up of works by prominent Latin American artists, including Omar Rayo, Enrique Grau, Carlos Santacruz, Umberto Casas, René Portocarrero, Santiago Medina and Libe de Zulategui.

José E. Palacio V.
Medina Museum
CES University