The point of view or perspective (from the Latin, Prospectus), is nothing more than a form of visual representation of an object on a flat surface, which allows us to intuit its three-dimensional configuration and achieve different meanings. On a philosophical level, perspective, unlike that proposed by Nietzsche, does not imply deferring or annulling a truth, rather, as Ortega y Gasset suggests, it constitutes a particular contribution to it and, in the end, that the truth Truth can be reached by adding perspectives.

The exhibited works of Juan Ricardo Mejía must be observed taking into account the perspective because in their folds, the limits between the natural and the urban converge, between what is deliberately elaborated by nature and what is artificially constructed by man, a real and true duality that coexists in the painful process of deconstruction that our habitat undergoes.

Jose E. Palacio V.