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Between a coffee and an open space to talk, the Center for Veterinary and Zootechnics (CVZ) received this June 25 in its study room Dr. Jorge Julián Osorio Gómez, rector of the CES University, and 14 collaborators, teachers and administrative staff of the institution.

A coffee with the rector is a new initiative of the rectory that has been developing since March 2021, which seeks to bring together the institutional staff of the different areas and centers, to know, first hand, the concerns and proposals about the Organization.

On this occasion the event was attended by Luz Rodríguez Garay, Paola Andrea Gómez, Isabella Quiroga Sánchez, Margarita Rivera Patiño, William Felipe Bonilla, Leonardo Parra Moyano, Juan Carlos Romero and Juan Pablo Sánchez Giraldo, CVZ staff from both el Escobero and La Frontera. Additionally, from the rectory and the management areas of the institution attended Dr. Jorge Julián Osorio Gómez, Dr. Jaime Andrés Arango Bueno, Administrative and Financial Director; Dr. José Franklin Díaz Cárdenas, head of Institutional Welfare; Dr. María Fernanda Salazar Herrera, Head of Communications and Marketing; and psychologist Elisabeth García, human development leader.

"The future is to be a CES Organization where all the service centers that make up the institution work in unity, as an articulated cell, through the 4 values and missions of the CES University that are education, research, innovation and extension",shared the rector.

With various questions about the extension in wildlife research, expansion of the CVZ box space, trainings for inclusion in the care of external and internal audiences with disabilities, and interdisciplinarity among cvz ultrasounds with the CES School of Medicine, this conversation space was held.

"From the equine area we wanted to know if CES University could provide a space for educational inclusion for students who have physical difficulties. Where they train us as teachers to provide support to our students,"said Leonardo Parra Moyano, a teacher and collaborator of the CVZ.

SinceA coffee with the rectoran alliance was achieved between the collaborators and the institution, which seeks to promote projects such as the one proposed by the wildlife staff, which seeks to generate awareness about the responsible ownership of animals.

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