Sofia Pérez De Soto Foundation old applicants - CES

If you are an active student of the CES University, be studying at least the fifth semester, you belong to strata 4, 5 or 6, you have an excellent academic performance and you are having difficulties to continue at the University, we invite you to apply for the Sofia Perez Foundation scholarship De Soto old applicants which covers 100% of the enrollment.

Call date: from 06 to 16 November 2020
Coverage: 50% CES University - 50% Foundation
Technical sheet: download
Registration form

Conditions to apply:

  • Be active in the 2020-2 semester.
  • Belong to strata 4, 5 or 6
  • Take a minimum of the fifth semester, for the Prehospital Care Technology program, take a minimum of the third semester.
  • Minimum average of 3.6 in the period 2020-1
  • Not having lost or canceled more than 2 subjects in the entire academic process.
  • Present financial difficulties that put their stay at the University at risk.

Application process:

  • Fill out the registration form.
  • Compliance with the conditions will be validated through: Academic average reported in the transcript for the 2020-1 period.
  • Send grade certificate and academic average of the previous period, to the mail
  • Send current residence utility bill to mail
  • Reference given by the faculty (this reference will be requested directly by the Institutional Welfare office)
  • In some cases, a virtual interview will be scheduled to expand the current situation of each student.
  • Presentation of the reports to the Scholarship Committee.
  • Notification of those selected.

Note: When sending the application email with the documents, take into account:

  • Subject: FSPS scholarship application 2021-1 - FULL NAME - DOCUMENT - CAREER
  • Confirm having completed the registration form.

Medellin Fraternity

The Fraternity Fund is a scholarship that allows access to education for work, human development and higher education to students from the East, Southwest and Urabá.

Coverage: 50% Medellín Fraternity - 50% CES University
Call date: to be defined
Technical sheet: download
Medellín Fraternity Fund Presentation: download
Download the presentation brochure: download

Asia San Ignacio- Loyola Foundation

The CES University, in alliance with the Asia San Ignacio Association, grants scholarships of 100% (35% and 65% respectively) in the Biology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Ecology programs, for new students entering the first semester.

The Asia San Ignacio Association, through the "Future Plan" program, seeks that the alumni of the San Ignacio de Loyola School, their families and people close to the Association make contributions that are invested in improving the quality of life of families and the school community, in the Educational Institutions: ASIA Ignaciana, Presbítero Antonio José Bernal SJ and Colegio Loyola.

Call: addressed to students of the ASIA Ignaciana schools, Presbítero Antonio
José Bernal SJ and Colegio Loyola.
Call date: to be defined
Coverage: 35% CES University - 65% Foundation
Technical sheet: download

Postobón Talents

Talentos Deportivos Postobón is a program that supports high-performance athletes in order to make them future stars of Colombian sports.

Support 25 Sports Talents through a comprehensive contribution focused on developing their full potential in order to make them a great example to follow and role models for life. Thanks to this support, talents are advancing in their sporting goals, participating in the main events of the Olympic Cycle, world championships and major international and national competitions, where they demonstrate a high level of performance and great chances of obtaining victories that help the development of their sports careers.

More information:
Coverage: 10% CES University - 90% Foundation