Discounts Language Center

  • Active career students (undergraduate) of CES University: 15%
  • Active CES University Graduate Students: 15%
  • Undergraduate and graduate graduates from CES University: 15%
  • Children of CES University undergraduate or graduate graduates: 10%
  • Relatives in the first degree of consanguinity of current students of the Center for Languages and Culture: 10%
  • CES University employees and teachers: 15%
  • Active student referring a new student: 10% (3)
  • Active student who are awarded scholarships with scholarship programs in agreement with CES University: 50%
  • Employees linked by employment contract: 15%
  • Intermittent CES teachers, active in the immediately preceding period: 10%
  • CES Assigned Teachers: 10% (11)
  • Affiliated to Employee Funds Union CES, Company, Cooperative or who are affiliated to benefit plans that have an agreement with the CES: 10% (10)
  • Children and spouse, permanent permanent partner of CES employee linked to work: 10% (2)
  • Employees of institutions with Teaching Service agreement: 10% (11)
  • Group of 3 People or more: 10% (12)
  • Neighbors adjacent to the CES University headquarters, who inform before registering for the event and present a copy of the public services that certify their proximity to the CES University headquarters: 10%


  1. On the value of each license plate.
  2. They must present civil registration or affidavit proving their situation.
  3. Before the start of the enrollment process, the referral must be admitted and financially enrolled for the immediately following period. For a single time the discount is applied. Whoever refers must notify the respective faculty in writing, informing the complete data of the person to be referred and mentioning their interest in obtaining the benefit. Cumulative discount.
  4. Consult requirements in the Global Affairs office.
  5. Certified by the corresponding Faculty.
  6. Applies to graduates with less than 6 months of graduation (date of Degree Certificate).
  7. This item does not apply to PhDs.
  8. Discount effective within the year following the graduation date.
  9. Said payment must be made at the time of enrollment for the first academic period of the program. Cumulative discount.
  10. The interested party must bring a certification from the Employee Fund, Company, Cooperative or Entity that manages the Benefit Plan that accredits him as an affiliate, employee or beneficiary.
  11. You must request authorization from the CES University Service Teaching Area.
  12. They must inform before registering for the event and all carry out the event.
  13. If you postpone or withdraw from one of the two undergraduate courses without just cause, the discount will be automatically invalidated, and must be returned to the institution.
  14. Only applicable in the value of the first registration of the first academic semester.
  15. They must present labor certification not exceeding one month.

* All discounts regulated in this agreement, operate for students, teachers, administrative personnel (They apply for employees of CECIF, ICMT, CLÍNICA CES, UT's where the CES University has participation, Business Units based on knowledge (Certified by the Directorate of Research and Innovation)) and graduates of all formal education programs of the CES (The same benefits apply to the non-graduate graduate as for the Graduate Graduate - valid for non-graduate graduates whose time does not exceed one year immediately prior to the request for the discount, prior endorsement of the Office of Admissions, Registration and Academic Control of the CES University) and for students and graduates of all formal education programs that we develop in agreement in the city, as well as at the national level.

* The discounts described in this agreement are not cumulative, except for the 5% for timely payment enshrined in literal I and 5% for referencing enshrined in literals A and F of the second article of this agreement.

* The discounts described in this agreement are not transferable and are not exchangeable for cash.

* Discounts must be requested within the dates indicated by the Administrative and Financial Directorate for each of the academic periods.

* Discounts must be renewed for each of the academic periods, always attaching the documentation required for each one. Except for discounts for graduates and children of graduates.

* Any doubt that arises in the application of this agreement will be resolved by the Administrative Committee.