ICETEX Black Communities Fund

The forgivable loan fund is for Afro-Colombian, Raizal and Palenquero students with low economic resources and good academic performance. It is a mechanism that facilitates the access, permanence and graduation of students from black communities to the inclusive Higher Education System.

The fund finances educational programs of:

  • Undergraduate: technical, technological, or university at the national level.
  • Postgraduate: specialization, master's, doctorate and postdoctorate in Colombia

The credits granted through the fund cover the beneficiary three (3) legal monthly minimum wages in force for any of the areas: Tuition, support, study materials, transportation, support for an additional year for graduate work according to the requirement of the IES.

Requirements and Call

-Being Colombian.
-Belonging to the black ethnic group.
-Lack of sufficient resources to finance their studies.
-The study program to be carried out or that is being carried out must satisfy a need in the formation of human resources for the region and black communities.
-When it is a question of advancing a Higher Education or postgraduate program, demonstrate that the studies for which the credit is requested are related to the jobs that benefit Black Communities.
-Not having financial support from a national or foreign entity similar to this one.
-Be enrolled and / or admitted to a Higher Education Institution –IES- within the term for which the loan is requested.
-Fulfill the requirements within the deadlines indicated in each call.
-Not having been financially supported by this fund, except for those who have been beneficiaries in technical, professional and technological careers.
-Have your own email.
-Register through the ICETEX website.

Call closes August 26, 2020.

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Reparation Fund for Access, Permanence and Graduation in Higher Education for the Population Victim of the Armed Conflict

The fund is a strategy for the inclusion and care of the population victim of the armed conflict in Colombia, through access to educational loans. It is aimed at victims of the armed conflict, included in the Sole Registry of Victims (RUV), or recognized as such in the Land Restitution or Justice and Peace processes.

What does it provide?

It offers 100% forgivable credits for undergraduate studies at technical, professional, technological and university levels.

Tuition: up to 11 mmlv per semester. / Support: for 1.5 smmlv per semester.

* forgivable credit will not finance other expenses such as registration, qualifications, certifications and / or certificates, degree rights, materials, language courses, seminars, which must be assumed by each beneficiary.

Requirements and call:

  • Be a Colombian citizen.
  • Not having additional financial support from national entities or other organizations, to carry out higher education studies at the university level.
  • Not have a college-level degree.
  • To be included in the Sole Registry of Victims (RUV) or recognized as such in Judgments of Land Restitution, Justice and Peace or Special Jurisdiction for Peace.
  • The identity document with which the applicant identifies himself at the time of registration in the call must coincide with the one registered in the Sole Registry of Victims (RUV). For this purpose, it is the applicant's responsibility to update their registration data, in accordance with the provisions of Law 1448 of 2011.
  • To be admitted or in the process of admission to an Institution of Higher Education, recognized by the Ministry of National Education or to be studying an undergraduate semester in an Institution of Higher Education recognized by the Ministry of National Education. For the call of the Capital District it must be in a Higher Education Institution in Bogotá
  • Have taken the Saber 11 test or the equivalent state test. For those who are immersed in the causes of exception contained in Decree 532 of 2020, they must have the grade 11 certificate from the Educational Institution where the summons to present the Saber 11 Exam of the test that was canceled is evidenced
  • Be a bachelor.
  • Have your own email.
  • Register through the ICETEX website, on the dates and under the conditions established for this purpose.

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