Frequent questions

What are the hours of the Financial Support Office?
• From Monday to Friday: 7:00 am to 5:00 pm Continuous day.

What are the cashier's box office hours?

  • Monday to Thursday: 7:00 am - 5:00 pm Continuous Day
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm Continuous Day
  • Saturday: No service will be provided

What means of payment can I use to pay my registration at the cash desk?
• At the El Poblado Headquarters, payments are only received with debit and / or credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Éxito) and cash not exceeding $ 300,000 COP (three hundred thousand pesos).

I want to pay by check, in whose name do I do it?
• Checks must be up to date, crossed and made in the name of the CES University, placing the name and identification number of the student on the back, as well as CES University Nit 890984002.

If I want to make a mixed payment, what should I do?
• You must go to the cash desk of the Poblado Headquarters, there you can pay part by debit and / or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Éxito), daily check and cash not exceeding $ 300,000 COP (three hundred thousand pesos) , the other entities with a collection agreement do not receive mixed payments.

What are the banks where I can pay my tuition?
• The banks authorized to make tuition payments are Bancolombia, Banco de Bogotá (and correspondents up to 10 million pesos) and Itaú Corpbanca. It is essential to present the registration payment

What document should I present when making the payment of my registration?
• Both in the banks and at the cash register, the registration fee must be presented, which must be printed on a clear laser printer, without any type of wear, stains or wrinkles, this to correctly read the barcode.

If the student is out of town, what do I do to get the clearance?
• The settlement can only be obtained with the username and password of the student, in the university extranet, which generates a PDF document that can be shared via email. Both in the banks and at the cash register, you must present the license plate clearance, which must be printed on a clear laser printer, without any type of wear, stains or wrinkles, so that the bar code can be read.

Is the presence of the student necessary when paying the tuition?
• It is not necessary for the student to be present, what is required both in the banks and at the cash register is to present the registration fee, which must be printed on a clear laser printer, without any type of wear, stains or wrinkles, so that can read the barcode.

How do I make the payment online?
• Tuition can be paid with the student's username and password, on the university extranet:

1. Student services
2. Course registration services
3. Payment of Registration. To print
4. Online payment

Note: Print must be clicked first for invoice number generation and then online payment.

What are the forms of payment of my tuition?
• Cash: you can make the full payment by presenting the registration payment at Bancolombia, Banco de Bogotá (and correspondents up to 10 million pesos) and Itaú Corpbanca. Only up to $ 300,000 COP (three hundred thousand pesos) in cash is received at the box office of the University Box

• Debit or credit card: in person at the ticket office of the University Cashier (for payment by credit card, the presence of the holder with the identification document is essential) or via the web through the student's Extranet.

Note: you must first check with your bank the requirements and maximum amounts for electronic payments. It is not necessary for the student to have an account in these banks, the payment can be made from the account of another person (the father, the mother, a friend), as long as he meets the requirements and maximum amounts established by the bank for make payments by Electronic Commerce.

• Check up to date: payable to Universidad CES, indicate on the back the full name, identification number, cell phone and landline of the student.

• Mixed payments: at the cash desk and at the branches of Banco Itaú Corpbanca.

• Box office: located in the town headquarters

Does the University receive post-dated checks or finance my tuition?
• The CES university does not directly finance any type of tuition, for the ease of the student it has made agreements with several financial entities with agile processes for the student.

Know the entities and contacts

If I forgot or blocked my username and password, what should I do?
• In the event that you have blocked or forgotten your username and / or password, you should contact the technology area, on the phone (57) (4) 4440555 Ext 5000 Option 2. Or through the email .co

I am going to apply for a credit with ICETEX, how do I do with the registration?
• The first time credit is requested with Icetex, full tuition must be paid to the University and when Icetex approves and turns the money back to the student or their legal representative.

After credit approval with ICETEX, what step should I follow?
• After your Icetex credit is approved, you must download the credit legalization manual and follow the instructions to legalize the credit. You must go to the Financial Support Office to request a letter of instructions and I will pay.

What is the deadline to legalize the credit with ICETEX?
• After the credit is approved, you have 15 calendar days to legalize the credit. After these days, Icetex proceeds to cancel the non-legalized requests.

I already have credit with ICETEX, how should I make my registration?
• For your enrollment process you must present at the Financial Support office, within the enrollment dates defined by the University; the credit renewal form together with your registration payment.

This applies to all types of credits, Funds and Scholarships obtained with Icetex.

For the renewal of credits and scholarships you must enter the main page of ICETEX and follow the steps to renew your credit.
In the case of funds, this renewal is done directly at the Icetex offices.

On what date should I renew ICETEX credit?
• Icetex credit must be renewed and presented to the university on the same dates as CES University enrollment.

What are the tuition payment dates?
• The tuition payment dates are published in the academic calendar .

* No payments are received after the third date.
* For security reasons, cash is not received at the University box, if you are going to make the payment by this means you must approach the bank (s) authorized for this purpose.
* On the payment deadline date the bank receives consignments in additional hours dated the next day. Avoid surcharges.
* Enrollment adjustments are only made by students who have completed their Enrollment process.