Information with data from the 2019 call

The information will be updated shortly in accordance with communications by ICETEX and the Ministry of National Education regarding the Saber 11 2020 tests.

Generation E

Generation E is a national government program that seeks to ensure that the best students in the country, with lower economic resources, access accredited Higher Education Institutions in High Quality.

Coverage: 100% enrolment (25% CES University – 75% Ministry of National Education)

Condonable credit modality: unforgivable credits or scholarships are those resources available to a public or private entity, which it provides for the financing of the student’s tuition and/or support, under certain conditions; at the end of the training process, the student forgives the debt according to the academic average obtained during the career and the fulfillment of the degree as a professional.

Supports: support support from the MEN. Covering the value of the admission form (if you register from October 21 applies this benefit), food support, 50% of the value of the language courses, permanent academic and psychosocial accompaniment by CES University.

Programs you can apply to:
• Business
• Administration
• Biology
• Law
• Nursing
• Physiotherapy
• Biomedical Engineering
• Veterinary Medicine and
• Zootechnics
• Pharmaceutical Chemistry
• Psychology
• Ecology
• Nutrition and Dietetics
• Dentistry

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• Applicants selected as Generation E beneficiaries must complete the admission process established by each program, if not admitted they will not be able to enter the University.

Medicine is not included in the academic offer list, because its admission process has already ended.


Contact Center
Phone: (57) (4) 4440555 – Option 2

Admissions – E-mail admission
Phone: (57) (4) 4440555

Financial Support – Legalization E-mail
Phone: (57) (4) 4440555

ICETEX- legalization
E-mail grant:
Phone: (57) (4) 2519716 Ext. 2104

Human Development and Institutional Welfare – process of accompaniment and follow-up to students
E-mail: and
Phone: (57) (4) 4440555 Ext. 1436-1656-1679-1218

Otras convocatorias

Participatory Budget

Sapiencia: supports access and permanence in higher education of the inhabitants of Medellin, with participatory budget resources, through credits that are waived by fulfilling social service and obtaining the professional degree, for the partial or total financing of undergraduate studies at the levels of professional, technology and professional technique in Higher Education Institutions registered in the National Information System (SNIES) of the Ministry of Education.

Coverage – tuition: a six-monthly value or equivalent, according to the academic period, will be allocated up to four (4) legal monthly minimum wages in force, which will be rotated directly to the Institution of Higher Education.
Support: it will be allocated on a 1-monthly basis, aimed at beneficiaries belonging to stratum 1, 2 and 3 with scores from zero (0) to ninety (90) in SISBEN version three (3). This amount may not exceed two (2) SMMLV.
Call: Abieta from 31 October to 20 November 2019
More information:

All to the U (Sabaneta Municipality)

Its purpose is to stimulate the best high schoolers and allow the access and permanence of the Sabanet population to tertiary education.

It consists of four lines of stimulus or credit:

• My talent, My Future”, which provides stimuli to the 29 best high schoolers in the Municipality.
• Higher Education for All”, which forgives up to 90% of debt to social work.
• Sabaneta in the World”, to study outside Antioquia or the country.
• Joint Fund Municipality of Sabaneta –Icetex”, which facilitates teachers and managers access to credits for master’s and doctoral degrees.

The Development Plan ‘Sabaneta de todos’ 2016 – 2019 positions education as the strategic axis of social transformation, so the Municipal Administration headed by Mayor Iván Alonso Montoya Urrego expands coverage and promotes the permanent formation of the inhabitants of the territory.

Current calls:
• Higher Education for All
• Sabaneta in the World

Call: Open october 22 to November 18, 2019
Coverage: up to 6.5 SMMLV for tuition
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Students from communities with special constitutional protection (ICETEX)

The Fund for Victims of the Armed Conflict in Colombia is a 100% forgivable credit for undergraduate studies at the technical, professional, technological and University levels, aimed at victims of the Colombian internal armed conflict included in the Single Registry of Victims – RUV- or recognized as such in Land Restitution or Justice and Peace processes that do not have a professional degree at the university level.

Coverage: finances up to 11 SMMLV per semester for enrollment and a support for 1.5 SMMLV per semester.
Call: closed. End date: June 3, 2019.
More information: ICETEX
Technical sheet: download (Spanish)

Superé Municipality Of Envigado

CES University, in alliance with the Municipality of Envigado, offers 30% of the tuition value per academic semester for those students who meet the entrance requirements of the University and those established by the Municipality of Envigado. On the other hand, the student will make contributions according to their economic capacity and the conditions of the agreement.

Call: closed. End date May 20.
Academic programs in agreement: physiotherapy, ecology, veterinary medicine and zootechnics, nursing, pharmaceutical chemistry and biology.
Coverage: CES University will grant 30% and the Municipality of Envigado grants 30% of the tuition fee.
Technical sheet: download (Spanish)
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Municipality La Estrella

It is a program of the Municipality of La Estrella, administered by the Secretary of Education and Culture of this town, which helps many high school graduates who each year do not have the possibility of starting or continuing higher education studies, impacting on the improvement of the level of life of these young people from La Estrella.

Call: biannual, the dates are established by the Municipality of La Estrella.
Coverage: CES University will award 30% and the Municipality of La Estrella will award 3 SMMLV.
Technical sheet: download (Spanish)

Best Sapiencia and Municipal Bachelors

It is a scholarship aimed at the student with the best result in the ICFES Saber 11 ° tests, of each Public Educational Institution, coverage and official CLEI VI that is classified at a level equal to or greater than “C” as an intermediate level of the qualification given by the ICFES of calendars A and B of Medellín.

Announcement: it is a stimulus of payment of 100% of the total cost of the tuition, for the development of undergraduate studies in a Higher Education Institution based in the Aburrá Valley.
Technical sheet: download (Spanish)

Promotion of Higher Education - Rionegro Grant

In the Corporation for the Promotion of Higher Education the Public Policy of Higher Education of Antioquia is managed, to fulfill the professional dreams of young people. They administer different funds and scholarship programs that allow the inhabitants of the department to participate in calls to access the training processes within the framework of higher education.

Enrollment: up to a maximum of fifteen (15) legal monthly minimum wages in force per semester will be financed, in total up to 10 SMLMV for enrollment.
Support: up to 5 SMMLV
Call: annual
More information:
Technical sheet: download (Spanish)