Maw for Conservation

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics and the Faculty of Sciences and Biotechnology come together to work for the preservation of ecosystems and their species in the Conservation Line within the Solidarity Fund of the CES University.

FAUCES for conservation is constituted as a unit that aims to support local environmental education and ecosystem restoration projects in the country, through strategies that involve academia, institutions and individuals in the empowerment of their territory.

Main axes

Social strengthening from the generation of environmental knowledge

Conservation of species of fauna and flora in Colombia.


Thanks to your donations, activities will be carried out that involve values that are the object of conservation in vulnerable ecosystems, environmental education and solidarity projects in less favored regions.

You can donate at the Poblado Headquarters Box or at the University Store.

If you are a Bancolombia customer, donate using the QR code

How to transfer?

1. Open the People App and press the Read QR button
2. Scan the QR Code
3. Enter the username and primary password
4. Enter the value and select the product to debit
5. Verify the information, accept and that's it!

Donation QR code Maw Line for Conservation

Reduction in the income statement

If you also want to obtain a certificate for the reduction in your income statement

  1. You must fill out a form that we will send you to authorize the automatic debit by the bank with the amount you wish to donate monthly.
  2. At the beginning of each year you will receive a certificate with the total value of the donated money.
  3. You can withdraw at any time via email.

Remember that you can access the discount on the income statement for 25% of the donated value (Article 257. ET). Without exceeding 25% of net income (Article 258. ET).

* This tax benefit only applies in Colombia.

Contact information

Faculty of veterinary medicine and zootechnics
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Nancy Zamudio Zuluaga -

Faculty of Sciences and Biotechnology
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