Digital diploma and degree certificate download process

The documents generated from the Electronic Titles platform enjoy all the legal validity required by having a digital certificate assigned to the University by an authorized entity in Colombia (Certicámara).

Next, we present you how to validate the authenticity of these documents by following these steps:

Step 1 - Receive the email

Check your institutional email

From the moment the University directors sign the student's degree documents; These are deposited in the graduate's electronic repository, to which a notification email arrives.



Sample image of diploma receipt email

In the email you will find an access link to the portal where you will find the legal degree documents signed by the directors of the University.

You will also find access to the payment platform of the University.

Step 2 - Enter the platform

Enter the download platform of documents in option Login. Enter with your institutional email and identification number.

login to the digital diploma download platform

Step 3 - Download the documents

Upon entering you will find the legal electronic documents that were deposited in your repository.

For your security you should always request the access code to enter your repository.




Explanatory image of the digital certificate and diploma download

Each document has the option to be downloaded to prove its legality from Acrobat Reader.

Step 4 - Verification of the legality of the document

When you open the document from the PDF file reader, you will find at the top the digital certificate of the CES University, issued by Certicámara.



document authenticity verification image

Step 5 - Signature validation

By pointing to any signature you will see the authenticity of it.

explanatory image to validate the authenticity of signatures on diplomas and digital certificates

If you require help in the process or have any concerns, you can contact the Admissions office at the email: