Internship for senior college student

Step 1 - You must notify your school that you are interested in doing an internship at our University

Step 2 - The school must notify our University

The student's college notifies the University, sending the list with those interested in doing the internship indicating the program they wish to attend.
screenshot of internship enrollment

Step 3 - The student makes his registration

When completing the registration form in the option `` Applicant type '' you must select: `` Internship '' or `` Articulation ''.
magnifying glass image of small people in illustration

Step 4 - Quotas to be assigned

Places are limited, that is why at our University we will reserve the right to receive students for the internship, which is why the school must provide us with a report on the characteristics of the student and their academic performance.
girl celebrating by being admitted to internships


Step 5 - Notification of acceptance

By means of an email, we send the notification to the internship applicant, stating that it was accepted and the process that must be carried out according to the conditions of each faculty. The Admissions and Registration Office reports the subject to be taken and sends the payment receipt to the email registered at the time of registration.
image of boys with acceptance letter to the internship

Step 6 - Conditions

• The internships will have a cost equivalent to the number of credits of the subject previously indicated by the faculty.
• The school guarantees the student's attendance and commitment in their internship.
• At CES University we will follow up on the student.