Enrollment process

Step 1 - You must be promoted to your next semester by the Promotion Committee -CP-

Step 2 - Enrollment Dates

You must check the enrollment dates stipulated for the semesters and the inter-monthly ones, these are published on our web portal, Virtual CES billboards and sent to your institutional email @ uces.edu.co

Step 3 - Login to Extranet

You must enter the Extranet with your username and password, where you can check your grades and enroll each semester. You can always generate your access code in the option "forgot your password" or with the SUAT staff in building A, Floor 3.

Step 4 - Inside the Extranet

Select the "Pre-enrollment" option, then select your program and academic period, finally click on the "Consult" option.

Step 5 - Select your subjects

Select the subjects you want to take in the "Program Subjects" block. For the humanities electives, they will appear in the "Elective Subjects" block.

Step 6 - Select your subjects

In the field of "Added subjects - Registration" you will see the subjects you chose.

In case any of them are not correct, you can click on the "Clean" button and pre-enroll again. If the selected subjects are correct, the "Register" button will be enabled where you can confirm your enrollment.

Step 7 - Confirm registration and payment

Once you click on the "Register" button, a confirmation message will appear. If it is correct, it will tell you "correct pre-registration, you can register your subjects"; otherwise, check if you have any crossing of subjects or you should put yourself to peace and security. In addition, it will show you the number of credits taken and the value of your tuition.

You can pay online by PSE or credit card. Likewise, you can print your receipt and pay at the University Cashier with credit or debit cards. It is also possible to make your payment in Bancolombia, Itaú and / or Banco de Bogotá.

Instructional video

Follow the instructions in the video. Keep in mind that if you are in the first semester or belong to programs in which the faculties carry out pre-enrollment, you only have to enter through the option of Reprint Forms / Online Payment of Outstanding Balances.