Registration process for external transfer - Careers

In accordance with the student regulations, to request the transfer study to an undergraduate program, having started the studies at another University, the request must be accompanied by the documentation and requirements detailed below.

We recommend that you contact the faculty to which the program you are interested belongs to to validate the existence of space before starting the enrollment process.

To register through the Web, go tolink of inscription.

Follow these steps to enroll online

Step 1 - Enter the registration link

To register through the Web, go tolink Registration, option undergraduateand follow the steps.

Step 2 - Select the type of applicant

Select the program and in the type of applicant field, mark: External transfer

Step 3 - Homologation study dates

The dates to apply for the homologation study are in accordance with the program registration dates, which are published in our academic calendar in "Registration dates".

Step 4 - Documentation

• Identity document 150% enlarged and legible
• Only in case you want to change the photo: Recent photo, in color, white background, 3 × 4 size
• Grades 9, 10, 11, and 12 (if the latter applies)
• Copy of the bachelor's degree certificate
• If you are not yet a high school graduate, attach proof that you are in the last year
• ICFES or SABER 11th test result. If you do not have the results of the tests, attach the citation to the exam or proof of being registered

• Certificate of affiliation to a health system (EPS) or prepaid medicine
• Motivation letter where you explain why you want to make the transfer
• Official qualification certificate for the academic semesters taken up to the date of the application.
• Letter from the Dean or Head of Program of the institution of origin, certifying their good academic, ethical and disciplinary performance
• Attach a certificate of qualifications from the university or program of origin
• Pensum with the content of the subjects taken that the student aspires to be homologated, where the intensity of the hours and credits are specified

Step 5 - Payment stub

Attach the copy of the payment stub according to the value established for the program. You can pay through any of the following ways:

• In the Caja de la Universidad CES, Building C, Poblado headquarters, first floor.
• At the offices of Bancolombia, Banco Corpbanca or online through the following linkPayment area

Step 6 - Contact

Then we proceed with the study, having all the complete requirements and the response to your request will be answered within a period of no more than 10 business days.