Employees and collaborators, our reason for being

We work to generate spaces for our workers in aspects that directly impact their family and personal environments in order to accompany them in the construction of lives that are more aware of their environments and how they impact their work life and professional project.

CES Family:

We approach the family life of our workers through different training cycles and processes to provide tools that support the construction of safe spaces and healthy relationships in the family and personal environments of our CES collaborators.

Scope: El Poblado, Sabaneta CVZ ICMT, CES Clinic and (Projects)


Psychosocial risk factor intervention system in which we articulate three aspects of our workers’ lives in order to impact all those factors that point to psychosocial risks derived from the activities and work environments they are faced with:
1.Quality of life / 2. Management of people, emotions and families / 3. Physical and environmental impact

Flexible work organization:

We make it possible to create spaces to support workers in their quality of life projects, balancing working times with life times.

The flexible organization of work is also conceived as a strategy that expands the possibilities of the CES towards the new challenges of the globalized market, equipped with cutting-edge technology. When talking about a culture from a Flexible Work Organization, it points to a new company culture: a new way of managing and organizing the responsibilities that are assigned to its human capital.

Quality of life and family

We generate actions that support families, generate job flexibility and quality, and promote personal and professional development of University employees and teachers.

• Welcome to employees
• Special celebrations
• Recognitions to families
• Playful, recreational and educational activities
• Creative vacations
• Sports and cultural initiation schools
• Nursery room
• Emotional salary
• Discounts and agreements
• Life insurance