How can you get your visa?

You must bear in mind that there are two ways to enter the country to carry out academic activities.

1. As a regular student: if you come to study an undergraduate or graduate academic program, you need a visa that allows you to study in Colombia. This can be obtained from your country of origin through the nearest Colombian embassy or consulate or, once in Colombia, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs located in the city of Bogotá.

2. Exchange student: to enter the country as an exchange student, you need an entry and stay permit if your stay is less than three months or a study visa if your stay is longer than three months (90 days). You must bear in mind that these conditions are subject to modifications by the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, depending on your country of origin.

Enter and consult everything related to immigration procedures or contact the Chancellery - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia

From our Office of Global Affairs you will receive all the support against the documentation requested by the Foreign Ministry.