What is an academic exchange?

It is a program through which students, teachers and administrators of the CES University visit other institutions to carry out academic activities, just as the CES University receives people from different cities in Colombia or the world, thus promoting interaction with different cultures, languages, learning methods, among other aspects.

These are some of the advantages of making an exchange:

  • Possibility of interacting with other teaching methodologies and learning from them.
  • Opening to new cultural, linguistic, academic and social horizons.
  • Be an ambassador of your own culture, allowing you to visualize it in different contexts.
  • Development of autonomy, adaptability to change, generation of new ideas and intellectual enrichment.
  • Acquisition of new contacts for your present or future professional.

We have different possibilities to carry out an exchange, aimed at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students, teachers and administrative staff.

Why do an exchange?

  • It allows you to interact with and learn from other teaching methodologies.
  • It presents you with new cultural, linguistic, academic and social horizons.
  • You can be an ambassador for your own culture by making it visible in different contexts.
  • You develop autonomy, adaptability to change, you generate new ideas and enrich your intellect.
  • You acquire new contacts for your present and your professional future.


We accompany the exchange processes of students, teachers and administrators.

Academic Exchanges Coordinator
Samuel Alberto Medina Luna
Teléfono: (57) 604 444 05 55 Ext. 1136
E-mail: smedina@ces.edu.co
Skype: Relaciones Internacionales CES