Every year we receive a large number of foreign students thanks to our wide academic offer.

Medellín, a city of
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Recognized as the most innovative city in the world (2013) and the most popular destination in South America (2018).

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We have agreements with more than 100 institutions in different continents around the world.

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At the Global Affairs Office we advise you on the requirements necessary to obtain your visa.

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At CES University we have different possibilities to make your exchange.

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Find the process you must follow to study a major (undergraduate) or a postgraduate degree at our University.

If you come to study your complete academic undergraduate or postgraduate program, you require a visa that allows you to study in Colombia.

This can be obtained from your country of origin through the nearest Colombian embassy or consulate, or once you are in Colombia, you must apply at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs located in the city of Bogotá.

To enter the country as an exchange student, you require an entry and stay permit if your stay is less than three months, or a study visa if your stay is longer than 90 days.

You must bear in mind that these conditions are subject to modifications by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia, depending on your country of origin.

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If you are a foreign student you can make exchanges in: internship or practice, mission, short course, attendance at events, medical rotation.

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If you come to study an undergraduate or postgraduate academic program at CES University, you need a visa that allows you to study in Colombia. This can be obtained from your country of origin through the nearest Colombian embassy or consulate or once in Colombia through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs located in the city of Bogotá.

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Start your registration process Inicia tu proceso de inscripción*

* Within the registration form, in the space where you are requested the SNP write zero (0) and in the year and period write the year in which you finished your studies and continue with the process of filling out the information.

If you are admitted, you can register in the program by submitting, in the Admissions office, the documents required for each program, and your student visa or its equivalent or certificate of immigration (issued by Migration Colombia) valid for no less than the academic period to study; You must also submit a certificate of affiliation to the Colombian Health Security System (POS) or insurance purchased in your country of origin.

If you have difficulties, you can contact the Admissions and Registration office

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