Exchange from another national or foreign university

We have different possibilities to make an exchange with our institution.

International or national students

Know our exchange portfolio:

Incoming Exchange Portfolio (Spanish)

  • Internship or practice
  • Academic-Cultural Missions
  • Short course
  • Event Assistance
  • Medical rotation
  • Spanish class

International or national teachers

  • Visiting Professor
  • Event Assistance
  • Academic-Cultural Missions
  • Short course
  • Research stay
  • Undergraduate program teacher
  • Professor specialization program
  • Master’s program teacher
  • PhD program professor
  • Postdoctoral Program Professor

International or national administrative personnel

  • Academic-Cultural Missions
  • Event Assistance
  • Short courses
  • Internship
  • Agreement Management
  • Master’s Studies
  • PhD studies
  • Postdoctoral Studies

You can approach the Global Affairs office located in Block A – Floor 5, for more information.