Lodging and transportation

Below, you will find basic information about how to get around in the city of Medellín in its different means of transportation.


Medellín has two airports:

  • José María Córdova International Airport: This is the main international airport of Antioquia and is located in the municipality of Rionegro, approximately 45 minutes from Medellín taking the highway to Rionegro, or 20 minutes using the new tunnel. From there you can take national and international flights.
  • Olaya Herrera Airport: It is located in the south-west of Medellin and serves regional and national flights.
  • How to get from the airports to the city of Medellín?

Airport taxis: these taxis pick up students at the airport and take them directly to the lodging site.

Approximate cost from José María Córdova airport: $ 70,000 COP = approximately US $ 33.5.

Busses José María Córdova Airport: it is a public transport service that is taken at the airport.

Approximate cost: $ 15,000 COP = approximately US $ 5.00.

Route 1 – Las Palmas Avenue: if your lodging site is in the Poblado or Envigado sector, we recommend you take this transport route that goes from Las Palmas Avenue to San Diego Shopping Mall.

Route 2 – Medellín – Bogotá Highway: the other route goes down the Medellin – Bogotá highway to downtown Medellin.

Shuttle taxi: these taxis are located at the exit of the airport and are responsible for picking up four passengers in order to take them for a cheaper cost to the San Diego Mall, located in Medellin. All white easily recognizable by the way to the airport.

Approximate cost: $ 20,000 COP = approximately US $ 6.50.

Integrated Transportation System of Medellín and the Metropolitan Area

  • Medellin Metro: The Metro is the mass transit system that crosses the Medellin Metropolitan Area. More Information
  • Urban transport busses: Medellin has a public system of urban busses and minibusses that circulate in all areas of the city, linking routes that connect with the different municipalities near the city. More Information
  • Taxis: The city has a large number of taxis, all yellow easily recognizable by all sectors of the city. These taxis have a meter that indicates the rate in Colombian pesos to pay at the end of the trip, you should always ask the driver Start the meter when taking the taxi. More Information

Intermunicipal Transportation Terminals

Medellín has two bus terminals, from which it is possible to access other municipalities of the department of Antioquia and other departments and cities of Colombia.

  • Northern Intermunicipal Transportation Terminal: It is located in the northwestern part of the city, in the Caribe neighborhood, Carrera 64C No. 78-580. It is accessible from the Medellín Metro Caribe Station, provides buss services for the areas located to the east and north of the country. More Information
  • Southern Intermunicipal Transport Terminal: It is located in the southwestern part of the city, in the Guayabal neighborhood, Carrera 65 No. 8B – 91. It is close to the Medellín Metro Poblado Station, provides buss services for areas located in southern Colombia. More Information

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