Scholarships for teachers and administrators of the CES University

Value of the scholarship and conditions:

• The scholarship grants 140 EUROS per day for support for up to 10 days and 1,500 EUROS   for tickets. Two (2) scholarships will be awarded.

• The beneficiary of this scholarship must submit a report to the Office of Global Affairs at the end of the internship. This will inform the Committee of Global Affairs about the result of the internship, highlighting the achievements made in it.

Who can apply?

Teachers from the Faculty of Administrative and Economic Sciences of the CES University may apply, who have a B2 level certified in English and wish to perform international academic mobility during the first half of 2019 at the Budapest Business School; Hungary.

Selection process:

1. Open call by the Office of Global Affairs: The call will be opened and each teacher will be responsible for running directly before this Office.


Note: Applications will not be accepted outside the dates indicated.

2. Application in the form:

The following form from the CES University must be completed for the application.

3. The Office of Global Affairs presents the faculty who have applied for the scholarship to the Faculty of Administrative and Economic Sciences..

4. The faculty pre-selects five (5) candidates among all its applicants and notifies the Office of Global Affairs in a minute.

5. Interview of the Office of Global Affairs, University Welfare and the Sustainability Headquarters: Teachers preselected by the faculty will have an interview in order to provide a report to the Committee on Global Affairs, about the perception of each candidate.

6. Election by the Beneficiary’s Global Affairs Committee and official statement: The Global Affairs Committee will study the reports provided to make the decision on the people to whom the scholarships will be awarded.

7. The Office of Global Affairs will notify teachers chosen as beneficiaries.

8. The Global Affairs Committee will formally grant the scholarship to the teachers chosen as beneficiaries.