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The Research group in Higher Education (GIES) of the CES University of Medellín, was invited by the University of Concepción de Chile to lead research in the training of health professionals in Latin America against COVID-19. The institution is the first at the regional level to participate in the international study, and the second in Colombia.

The study has the collaboration of 10 Latin American universities. From Mexico, the Tecnológico de Monterrey and the University of Monterrey participate; in Paraguay, Universidad del Pacífico and Universidad Nacional de Itapúa; in Peru, Piura University and San Marcos National University; de Colombia, Universidad CES and Universidad de los Andes. Finally, from Chile the research is directed by the Universidad de Concepción and Universidad Valparaíso.

The study seeks to find the context of education in times of COVID-19, focusing on how the phenomenon of migration has behaved in education, due to the impact of the pandemic, and what lessons this moment has had for professionals in the Health.

The research studies only training in health areas. In this it is intended to demonstrate from teachers and students, the tools used during the pandemic to achieve health education, identifying the strengths and weaknesses that students have to learn in a pandemic.

The relevance of the research is based on how learning works today in the specific context of society, where there was a migration from face-to-face methodology to one assisted by technology. It is important for CES University because it helps to strengthen the teaching / learning process, with health students”Stated Isabel Cristina Rojas Gallego, a researcher professor at the Faculty of Medicine.

Additionally, the objective of the research aims to determine the effect on the well-being experienced by teachers and students, of health careers in Latin America, of satisfaction with online teaching in the context of a health emergency of COVID-19, and the conditions of access to the training process about it.

For this reason, it is important for CES University the participation of itsteachersand theirstudents, to respond to the survey on the teaching / learning experience that has been had during the pandemic.

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