• Ensure compliance with national and international legislation that regulates the collection of specimens of wild species of biological diversity in research, innovation, teaching or extension activities.

• To promote that the collection activities of specimens of wild species of biological diversity for research, teaching or extension purposes are carried out and / or supervised directly by qualified personnel.

• Ensure compliance with regulations regarding research, innovation or teaching projects that involve collection activities of prohibited, endemic or threatened species, as well as collection within Protected Areas of the System of National Natural Parks of Colombia.

• Ensure compliance with the procedure for prior consultation with ethnic groups, when the Ministry of the Interior indicates that the collection activities require it.

• To promote that the procedures for the capture and / or sacrifice of animals are carried out minimizing stress or suffering as much as possible. If activities cause any of these effects, anesthetic methods should be used to minimize them, if research permits.

• To ensure that the samplings are carried out in an adequate way in terms of the total number of samples, sampling frequency, sampling sites and other aspects, so that species or ecosystems are not affected, due to overcollection, impacts in places critical for reproduction, affectation of biological cycles, diet, among others.

• Stimulate among teachers, students, innovators and researchers, education and training in sampling, capture, slaughter and preservation techniques, as well as in information technology and data quality in biodiversity.

• Ensure compliance with the requirement of previously informing ANLA (National Environmental Licensing Authority) about the collection activities to guarantee the availability of information related to the movement of specimens within the national territory.

• Monitor the collection activities of specimens of wild species of Biological Diversity and verify that:

a) Within the semi-annual reports, the ANLA (National Environmental Licensing Authority) is informed of all research, teaching or extension projects carried out by program, and that the publications derived from each one are included.

b) That the deposit certificates of the specimens from a national collection registered with the "Alexander von Humboldt" Biological Resources Research Institute be attached to these reports.

c) That the information associated with the collected specimens be provided to the Biodiversity Information System of Colombia SiB, and that the certificates issued by said system are attached to the reports.

d) At the end of each investigation, the final report of the collection activities is presented to the ANLA (National Environmental Licensing Authority).