Meeting and calendar periods 2021

The Institutional Research Ethics Committee of the CES University will meet regularly every month and extraordinary when circumstances require it.

Timeline Human Ethics Committee 2021


CIS Ordinary Meeting Date


Deadline for delivery of New Protocols, Amendments, and General Information by the Research Centres



Deadline for the delivery of Minutes by the CIS

February 01 January 18 February 15
March 01 February 15 March 15
April 05 March 12 April 19
May 03 April 19 May 18
June 08 May 24 June 23
July 12 June 25 July 27
August 02 July 16 August 17
September 06 August 23 September 20
October 04 September 20 October 19
November 08 October 22 November 23
December 06 November 22 December 21

If the project to be evaluated is external, whether it is from a research center, independent researcher or sponsor, they should contact the telephone number (57) (4) 4440555 Ext. 1541-1678 to receive indications as appropriate.

Projects sent to the ethics committee must be approved by the research operating committees of their respective faculty or program.

The projects to be evaluated by the ethics committee must be sent from the faculties or programs by the dean, research coordinator or program manager with their respective evaluation request.

Projects are not received directly by students, except those projects that have already been evaluated and changes or modifications have been requested, the student sends the project with the corrections and a copy of it to their respective research coordinator or dean.