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medica being the assistant of a patient in rehabilitation

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The CES University advances the post-COVID-19 functional rehabilitation program, which aims to improve the levels of physical condition of people who present physical sequelae after suffering the COVID-19 disease, accompanied by physiotherapy and sports medicine professionals from the CES Gym.

The initiative arises from the concern shown by patients after leaving the acute phase of the disease, who wish to resume activities of daily life with the accompaniment and direction of a professional. Rehabilitation is aimed at people of all ages and sex, who do not have significant respiratory complications.

“Post-COVID-19 functional rehabilitation is a service designed to treat the sequelae that the disease leaves in the muscular part. Some of these are evidenced by physical exhaustion and the loss of mobility of the patient ”, commented Alejandro Vélez Rendón, physiotherapist at the CES Gymnasium located at the Poblado campus of the University, in Medellín.

Within the three phases for post-COVID-19 functional rehabilitation, there is the participation of the sports medicine area, which helps to analyze the physical state of the patient through muscle tests. In these exams there are walking tests, dynamometry tests, evaluation of muscular strength, and other short complementary tests. Questionnaires are also used that specify how the person's functionality is affected.

Afterwards, an exercise prescription is made according to the recommendations of sports doctors. Then, the person recovered from the disease is led to his physical exercise process with a professional in physiotherapy who will help him to overcome the muscular sequelae.

In the last phase, techniques focused on improving tolerance to activities of daily life, flexibility and strength of arms and legs are carried out, to the point that the physical limitations caused by the disease are overcome.

“Post-COVID-19 rehabilitation is directed towards the physical conditioning of the person with a functional approach. The affectation suffered by these patients is completely different from other pathologies, where the great muscular compromise has been evidenced. Additionally, a constant accompaniment will be provided to the patient and a service will be provided individually, ” stated Felipe Monsalve Vélez, physiotherapist and teacher at the institution's Faculty of Physiotherapy.

This service differs from other rehabilitation processes, since it is focused on treating the sequelae of physical conditioning, which last between 5-6 weeks after infection, and need to be treated differently from other pathologies.

To inquire about the service you can write to the call (4) 4440555 Ext. 1979 - 1681.

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