Basic and Clinical Research Group in Dentistry

Colciencias classification: B

Faculty of Dentistry

Research group leader
Alexandra Saldarriaga Cadavid
Curriculum vitae

Fortalecer las líneas de investigación con énfasis en las áreas de ciencias básicas con enfoque en la genética y en la prevención de las infecciones dentobacterianas. Desarrollar proyectos de investigación clínica. Fomentar el desarrollo de proyectos conjuntos con otras áreas y grupos de la universidad o de otras universidades. Desarrollar proyectos en el área de factores y marcadores de riesgo. Promover y estimular el desarrollo de artículos y publicaciones nacionales e internacionales.

Additional Information

The group was formed in 2006 alreadySome outstanding research papers developed by its researchers are: 

  • "Don't turn your back on your mouth" from the periodontics area led by Dr. Andrés DuqueDuque. 
  • In the area of oral pathology, the study "Clinical Characteristics of patients with concomitant oral lichen planus and thyroid disease" conducted by Dr. Jairo Robledo Sierra. 
  • Caries prevention, associated factors in deciduous dentition and therapeutic measures. Dr. Alexandra Saldarriaga.
  • In the area of pediatric dentistry, the project proposed by Dr. Alfonso Escobar Rojas with a community preventive approach carried out in the Corregimiento of Cedroen Ayapel - Cordoba stands out.“Greater caries-free survival of first permanent molars: Findings from a 7 year follow-up evaluation of a community-based oral health preventive program”. 
  • Dr. Manuel Restrepo, pediatric dentist, has focused on the topic of hypomineralization of molars and incisors with the Unesp research group (Brazil) with projects such as: "Aesthetic perception in children with molar incisor hypomineralization" and "Family-Based Genetic Association for Molar- Incisor Hypomineralization " 

Lines of investigation

  • Basic Sciences applied to Dentistry
  • Behavioral Sciences in Dentistry
  • Clinical dentistry
  • Oral Health: Epidemiology and Public Health