Basic and Clinical Research Group in Dentistry

Colciencias classification: B

Faculty of Dentistry

Research group leader
Alexandra Saldarriaga Cadavid

Strengthen lines of research with an emphasis on basic science areas with a focus on genetics and the prevention of dentobacterial infections. Develop clinical research projects. Encourage the development of joint projects with other areas and groups of the university or other universities. Develop projects in the area of risk factors and markers. Promote and stimulate the development of national and international articles and publications.

Additional Information

The group was formed in 2006 alreadySome outstanding research papers developed by its researchers are: 

  • "Don't turn your back on your mouth" from the periodontics area led by Dr. Andrés DuqueDuque. 
  • In the area of oral pathology, the study "Clinical Characteristics of patients with concomitant oral lichen planus and thyroid disease" conducted by Dr. Jairo Robledo Sierra. 
  • Caries prevention, associated factors in deciduous dentition and therapeutic measures. Dr. Alexandra Saldarriaga.
  • In the area of pediatric dentistry, the project proposed by Dr. Alfonso Escobar Rojas with a community preventive approach carried out in the Corregimiento of Cedroen Ayapel - Cordoba stands out.“Greater caries-free survival of first permanent molars: Findings from a 7 year follow-up evaluation of a community-based oral health preventive program”. 
  • Dr. Manuel Restrepo, pediatric dentist, has focused on the topic of hypomineralization of molars and incisors with the Unesp research group (Brazil) with projects such as: "Aesthetic perception in children with molar incisor hypomineralization" and "Family-Based Genetic Association for Molar- Incisor Hypomineralization " 

Lines of investigation

  • Basic Sciences applied to Dentistry
  • Behavioral Sciences in Dentistry
  • Clinical dentistry
  • Oral Health: Epidemiology and Public Health