Research group in Health Technologies

Colciencias classification: B

School of Medicine

Research group leader
Arlex Uriel Palacios Barahona

It is a group interested in generating capacities for the development of science, technology, research and innovation in the field of health technologies for the country, the region of the Americas and the world. By health technologies, the group understands any application of knowledge, not necessarily novel, with a practical purpose for health that includes methods, techniques and instrumentation to promote health, prevent, treat disease and rehabilitation; which includes drugs, medical equipment and devices, medical and surgical procedures, organizational models and support systems that suggest better care for patients and therefore, better well-being and quality of life, even valuing the recognition per se of skills developed by people for their use.

Lines of investigation

Health economics and technology assessment
Management and evaluation of biomedical technology
Information and Communication Technologies - ICT - for health