Ingennova research group

In training with registration in Colciencias

Faculty of Biomedical Engineering

Research group leader
Catalina Pineda Molina
Curriculum vitae


It is an interdisciplinary group with a background in device development, innovation management and technology management in health organizations. He also studies biomechanics, medical imaging and teleradiology, computational modeling, bioinstrumentation and analysis and study of craniofacial growth and development. Ingennova also has the elements of bioengineering, biomaterials and health engineering.

The specific objectives are:

  1. Identify the diversity of the community and include it in the design of innovative and creative solutions from engineering.
  2. Promote the creativity of its members so that they are involved in innovation processes.
  3. Interact and articulate links with local, national and international groups in order to remain updated, current and pioneering in issues of innovation and creativity.
  4. Link the knowledge of engineering and life sciences to develop research aimed at the study of problems or questions generated from the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the different health problems that arise in the population.
  5. Integrate interdisciplinary teams from life sciences, engineering and research for the formulation and development of projects, generating research products such as published articles and patents, with an impact on the improvement of treatments and services in health.
  6. Design, develop and research technology tools that can be applied to improving diagnosis, treatment and health care.
  7. Promote and support the creation and development of academic programs within CES University.
  8. Consolidate lines of research to advise and support the generation of new knowledge and training in research within the postgraduate courses of the CES University and thus promote the training of human resources.
  9. Promote an investigative culture within the CES University.

Lines of investigation

Health engineering