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3d oral model

Photograph: Courtesy of Medical Shapes (MESH)

The Medical Shapes (MESH) project was born in 2017 at the CES University School of Dentistry. It is characterized by its 4.0 technology and innovation to make a 3D oral model, which facilitates clinical and academic training for dental students.

“The product is a 3D oral model, which supports the dental student in performing surgical procedures. Being an instrument that allows the dentist to practice before having contact with the patient, " said David Calle Vásquez, manager of Medical Shapes and product design engineer.

Their first shipment of the oral models was made in January 2021 in an agreement with the Cayetano Heredia University of Peru, where they are already working with 5,000 teeth that are currently helping 120 dental students from that university.

Andrea Naranjo Salazar, a dentist at CES University stated that,"In this first pilot with an international university, changes were made to the product, making a small adaptation to the market, which allows us to customize each oral model."

The modifications made to the product are the result of an adjustment achieved in a project presentation panel with the CES University and the Cayetano Heredia University of Peru. In Medellín, it was agreed to develop and improve the models for the possible personalization of the oral problems that each patient has.

The customization of the model is carried out through a 3D printer that designs and recreates the oral difficulties that each patient presents. It gives the dental student, who still does not have so much manual skill, the possibility to go from the model to the mouth after trying the prosthesis that replicates the patient's problems.

The importance of projects such as Medical Shapes helps dental students learn with a simulator, which imitates dental anatomy and avoids causing harm to patients, being a great technological advance for the community ”,said Dr. Julián Emilio Vélez Vélez, dean of the CES School of Dentistry.

MESH hopes that other Latin American countries will start using these developments. In Ecuador, 2,000 specimens of teeth will be delivered at the end of February 2021.

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