About us?

We are the Center for Innovation in Disability of the CES University, whose mission is to develop, articulate and execute teaching, research and innovation, extension and social projection with an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach that contribute to the social inclusion of people with disabilities, and in the provision of support services for decision-making for people with disabilities. The mission of the CID is to work for a world where all people can access the full exercise of their human rights.

The Center is part of the substantive functions of the CES University. There they develop courses, diplomas, research projects, studies, consultancies and consultancies, and other types of research, extension and teaching activities that can be developed within the capacities of the Center.
In addition to the above, the Center is in charge of:

• Formulate and execute innovative, interdisciplinary and interfaculture initiatives on the subject of disability with special emphasis on the objectives of sustainable development.
• Promote knowledge in the university community about the transversality of the issue of disability in the substantive functions of the CES University.

Lines of work

• Interdisciplinary care for social inclusion and support services for decision-making.
• Physical functional rehabilitation.
• Mental health.
• Legal office.
• Legal advice and consulting.
• Community-based rehabilitation.
• Support technology service for inclusion.
• Reasonable accommodation for inclusion.
• Sitting clinic.
• Service for students with disabilities.
• Training: teacher training, care staff, administrative staff, people with disabilities and caregivers and their organizations.
• Research, innovation and development for inclusion.
• Technical advice.